DC’s New “Garden District” In The H Street Corridor

Making the rounds among DC non-profit organizations and public meetings is a plan to bring major mixed use development to the strip of Bladensburg Road, NE from H Street’s starburst intersection all the way up to the Arboretum.

H Street Main Street (HSMS), a major local non-profit, has created a development plan for major mixed use projects on target sites from the H Street starburst all the way up Bladensburg Road to the Arboretum. The zone is being called the “Garden District” due to The Arboretum proximity.

HSMS notes that $400 – $700 million. in potential development is going to occur, and a lot of it will be on sites suitable for 100+ unit projects with street level retail components. Most of the target parcels identified have been under-utilized to date. This is a high traffic strip of road seeing over 75,000 cars per day in drive-by traffic.

“There’s no area of DC more ripe for development than this strip of Bladensburg Road, NE,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “This is exactly why we purchased an office site two years ago at 1020 Bladensburg Road. Projects are now already underway on a few sites on the strip, with a variety of target sites available for pursuit by developers. These are often family owned parcels with long-time owners – I’ve made a lot of local connections while building.”


Here’s a rough map of the Garden District showing some of the target sites. “These are major sites with mixed use zoning that can support 100+ units and major amounts of retail square footage,” commented DiRuggiero. “I’m happy to share guidance on what is happening in on the strip.” The green dots are target sites and the purple dot is our new UrbanLand Company office.