The old A. Hoen and Sons Lithography plant at Biddle and Chester Streets in East Baltimore will be transforming into new retail and office complex.

A bold project is kicking off next week in the heart of an old and battered East Baltimore neighborhood. Strong City Baltimore, a local non-profit, has joined up with Cross Street Partners and City Life Historic Properties in a massive renovation joint venture on the 85,000 sq. ft. complex.

“It’s a groundbreaking, not a ribbon cutting,” said Karen Stokes, chief executive officer of Strong City Baltimore, the nonprofit that has stepped up to lead this task. Cross Street Partners and City Life Historic Properties are business partners for a massive renovation. Strong City will be one of the tenants in the rebuilt project.


Plans include additional space for other non-profits, event space and retail and/or restaurant space. The new complex will be known as the Center for Neighborhood Innovation and joins other recent East Baltimore revitalization efforts like the American Brewery, Southern Baptist Church, Israel Baptist and Johns Hopkins’ Eager Park project.


Estimated costs on the project include $26 million allocated for reclaiming over a city block of brick and timber.