Hampden in Baltimore: Eclectic Commercial Strip Creates “Hottest US Neighborhood”

This 2016 coverage of the Hampden neighborhood by CBS Baltimore is still very relevant. The video focuses in on Hampden’s The Avenue commercial district, the main defining feature of the Baltimore neighborhood.

What’s the reason for Hampden’s charm? Baltimore City has long been called a great magnet city for millennials, and the backbone of The Avenue is a large group of locally owned shops, restaurants and more. Many are young owners taking advantage of Baltimore City’s dirt-cheap cost of entry into owning a local shop. It creates an eclectic local environment of creative local businesses and a neighborhood where you can live where you shop and never have to leave.

Great retail and commercial typically creates higher housing values in urban environments. Hampden follows the trend with a much-higher-than-average-price for Baltimore of $225,000 at the end of 2017 for a Hampden rowhome. That compares to a regular city average currently in the mid $100,000’s.

The cost per square foot for a fully renovated Hampden home reaches up near $200/sq. ft. with average resale costs in the $168/sq. ft. range.

National real estate brokerage Redfin called Hampden it’s #8 “Hottest US Neighborhood” back in 2016 due to the presence of the great commercial and retail. Locally owned DC brokerage UrbanLand Company will be calling “The Avenue” the home of its Baltimore City expansion office. “We were up here touring at the end of 2016 and came across a commercial property right in the middle of The Avenue. We open up in May and are excited to plug into The Avenue’s phenomenal levels of foot traffic. Floor duty for our office agents starts immediately upon opening in order to be a great neighborhood resource for Hampden real estate. ”