8-Story Vending Machine for Cars Opens in Gaithersburg

The DC area has just had an innovative new concept in car buying arrive in Montgomery County. Online purchasers of cars through Carvana will be able to pick up their “orders” at a new Carvana kiosk in Gaithersburg. This is literally an 8 story vending machine for cars.

The structure holds 30 vehicles and is fully automated, with no car salesmen or dealership finance managers. You receive an oversized, commemorative coin once you purchase online that you redeem at the kiosk for your car. Processing and delivery of the vehicle is next-day, and you get a 7 day return policy.

Carvana already exists in Houson, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Jacksonville and Tampa. They are acquiring customers aggressively, and even drive buyers to the above markets using free airfare and shuttle service from Dulles Airport up to Gaithersburg’s kiosk.