East of H Street – eCasa Net Zero Energy Affordable Homes

Here’s a new project out of permitting for right off the H Street starburst in Rosedale that combines energy efficiency with affordable housing. Mi Casa, a non-profit affordable housing provider in DC, is planning eCasa, a 12 unit townhome community at 1613-1633 Kramer Street, NE.

What’s there now? A rare piece of ‘open space’ right near H Street.

Live construction is pending start-up, but Mi Casa already has permits for 6 duplexes at the address and will build 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath homes that will be Net Zero energy-efficient. Plans also include 1 secure rear space per residence.

The goal of Mi Casa and Inscape Studio, their design partner, is to create high performance housing for low-income families. The homes have a narrow building footprint and open first floorplans with living, dining, work/study and kitchen areas. Each home has a private rear yard and front porches with stoops. The homes will produce as much energy as they use annually through solar, giving them Net Zero Energy certifications.

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