Amazon HQ2 – Crystal City Splits With New York as “Winner” of New Headquarters

If you won the lottery and found out you’re splitting the jackpot with someone else, would you be that bummed? Crystal City will be 1 of 2 cities (New York) to share the new Amazon HQ2 headquarters.

An over 1 year search in cities across the US and Canada sees the two cities splitting 50,000 Amazon jobs, many of which will be $100,000+ in salary. The new HQs aren’t shipping or fulfillment centers, these are corporate headquarters full of executives and knowledge workers.  Most likely, Crystal City will end up with 25,000-30,000 positions.

The potential site for (most of) our part of HQ2 will be 1900 Crystal Drive, currently scheduled for demolition.

Why the DC area and New York City? Amazon wants four things – major metropolitan areas, transportation infrastructure, access to tech workers and huge amounts of office space. After deliberation over proposals from 200+ cities, they felt they had split between two areas in order to accomplish their goals.  Choosing the DC area gives Amazon the side benefit of access to the government, as they come under continued constant scrutiny.

Major news and debate is still to come on HQ2. Arlington homeowners and businesses should be excited. Homes near the new campus will become even more valuable assets, and high income traffic flowing into Crystal City will be a benefit for all.