Union Market’s Market Terminal Project Reduces Apartment Mix

The area around Union Market continues to evolve quickly. The prominent Market Terminal project, which brings a substantial amount of office, retail & residential apartment square footage to the neighborhood, is progressing quickly into its Phase II.

The concept for Phase I of the project was approved for 558 apartments and an office building, and is already well under construction. Phase II had its development plans approved earlier in January and is just finishing up a round of revisions to change the apartment mix and other components slightly.

Phase II, the portion of the project that straddles Third Street between New York Avenue NE and Morse Street, will now offer 419 apartments, office space and two acres of parkland.

Initially approved plans included 516 apartments; the reduction comes from Building D in the project, which will be shrinking by 97 units. Two retail spaces are included in Building D, as well as a sizable number of three bedroom apartments (24 total).