Realtors: Rising Interest Rates Create a Realtors’ Market

Here’s something for Realtors to realize. As interest rates increase further past last year’s sub-4% levels, you are (temporarily) in a realtors’ market.  Once rates cross the 5% and 5.5% thresholds, it is a different story. “Every realtor with long-term buyer or seller prospects, particularly if it is first time More


$0 Down Grants in DC For Under $140,640 Incomes

Great news for DC realtors looking for their next round of home buyers. The city’s popular $0 Down Payment Program has raised the income limits for the program to $140,640 for qualified home buyers. The program is alive, funded and well, and has just made the $0 Down financing loan More

Local Leads For Realtors Program – Video Interview

Here’s another excerpt from an informative ongoing series on Building Agents’ Business by UrbanLand Company Real Estate Brokerage. Every active Realtor relying on transactions for their income is (or has been) worried about where to meet buyer and seller leads. There are a variety of local sources that agents can More


Baltimore City’s Strong March Shows 20.3% Price Gains Since 2015

The sun is starting to shine on the Baltimore City real estate market. A strong March with increasing interest in standard home sales (non-investor/non-rehabber) shows the city is seeing real continued demand from traditional buyers. The statistics look very strong as the housing market has tightened areawide on supply and More